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About the National Association of Singles, is the home of The National Association of Singles. This membership organization was formed after extensive research into why Singles lack the same economic advantages, and political representation, as married people. The National Association of Singles is a membership association dedicated to the needs, success, and recognition of Single Adults…it is not an online dating service. The National Association of Singles will provide benefits and services, similar but different than associations, that mostly married people join.  And, a site with professional content by professional Singles.

Singles are the largest and fastest growing demographic in the United States. The Single Adult population reached 106 million in 2011, and will grow to 120 million by 2015.

Despite the size of the Single Adult demographic, Singles do not have  advantages similar to married couples. For example:

  • Singles lack a national Singles Association to join that provides economic advantages and political representation…the power and leverage of 106+ million people. At this point we don’t even get a discount on our medical or car insurance!
  • Singles pay much more in income taxes compared to married couples.
  • Singles have no representation in Washington, D.C. In the last Presidential election 1 out 3 voters were Single, with no thanks or recognition.

The National Association of Singles will change all of this.

  • National Association of Singles has partnered with USI Affinity Insurance, to provide affordable major medical insurance for Single adults  - often up to a 40% savings over traditional plans.
  • Additional insurance products available from USI Affinity Insurance include Auto, Life, Dental and Pets
  • We will also provide our members a free buying service and a Deal-A-Day-For Singles through USI Affinity Insurance.

Join today and be part of an Association dedicated entirely to the needs, success and recognition of Singles!